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International Afro-Dancehall Artist



                           "SAT JUNE - 9TH - 2018

African Music Festival

                         11:30am   Youth  &  Seniors  Concert    

                                   7pm    Adult  Concert

64 Norfield Road  Weston , Connecticut  06883   

                            Come and join us to have fun......

African Food , African Face Painting,  African Fashion Accessories, African Hair Braiding, African Hand Painting on fabrics, and more.... 

African Music Festival Comes to Norfield Church on Saturday, June 9th with International Afro Dance Hall Star, Lamboginny

International Afro Dance Hall star and Nigerian native Lamboginny presents a day-long African Music Festival to benefit SALT (Saving All Lives Together) on Saturday, June 9 at Norfield Congregational Church, 64 Norfield Road, Weston, CT.  The festival consists of two events: a children’s concert with crafts and activities from 11:30am – 1pm, and a second concert featuring Lamboginny with an eight-piece band for the general public starting at 7:00pm.

Lamboginny’s music is rooted in the sounds of Jamaican Reggae integrated with elements of West African music known as Afrobeat. His personal passion - to help imprisoned Nigerian youth - led him to found SALT, a movement that raises money to provide music therapy to the prison population, and more importantly, to pay legal costs of young people who have been wrongly incarcerated or cannot pay fines for petty infractions like street begging.

The young people’s festival starts at 11:30am and will include a performance by Lamboginny.  He will be accompanied by a group of local children singers and musicians.  In addition, there will be games, face-painting, hair-beading and headwrap demonstrations, as well as African cuisine for the children to sample.  This event is also appropriate for Seniors.

The main concert starts at 7pm when Lamboginny and the band The Word.Sound.Power Movement take the stage for two hours of his unique, upbeat style of Afro Dance Hall Music.  African food and beverages will be available.  For more information, visit

About Lamboginny

Born Yinka Lawanson, Lamboginny grew up in Lagos, Nigeria.  In his early twenties, Lamboginny was inspired by artists like Bob Marley who used his voice and music for more than entertainment.  “It was my idea to bring music and hope to prisoners in my home country of Nigeria,” said Lamboginny. An opportunity to serve arrived in October 15th 2009 when a friend paved the way for Lamboginny’s first prison concert.  “Prisons permit pastors and teachers to minister to the inmates, but what about musicians”, asked Lamboginny. “When I saw their hope after hearing my music, I knew then that I’d found my purpose.”

Human rights activists say tens of thousands of vulnerable people have been detained or incarcerated either wrongly, or for misdemeanors over the past five years as a result of Nigeria’s repressive policies.  To date, Lamboginny has performed a dozen prison concerts and has arranged for the release of 120 young Africans.

Lamboginny’s music mission does not stop there.  With funds that he raises through his performances and record sales, Lamboginny works to reintegrate released inmates into society, to find them jobs, and to provide vocational workshops to juvenile offenders still in prison.  Lamboginny is also actively involved in the “One Million March Against Illicit Drug Abuse”.

Lamboginny is the first ever Music Ambassador to Nigeria Prison Service, and a YALI (Young African Leader Initiative) West Africa Ambassador.

Lamboginny got his unusual name from his father, a marine engineer, who traveled a great deal.  So, when his father was home, Lamboginny craved his attention.  One day, Lamboginny’s father decided if he gave his son many chores, he could get some much-needed peace and quiet.  Lamboginny finished the chores in record time, resulting in his father telling him he was as fast as the famous Italian sports car.

Lamboginny’s known for his hit song “Say No To Crime” featuring Nigeria All Stars and Gvaladun with Olamide.  His current album, SALT, has garnered great reviews and is available on iTunes. You can follow him on

Facebook at